LVL Lash Lift treatment with Nouveau Lashes

We all want our lashes to look their best with the littlest effort, don’t we?

If I could only keep one makeup item, it had to be mascara, just because my natural lashes are almost invisible and I look like an alien without it, lol! If I need to run some errands in the morning and don’t want to bother with any makeup I still probably would apply a coat of mascara to my lashes to feel more human-like.

If you want to wake up to ready-curled lashes every day, there are two solutions available either a traditional eyelash perm or the LVL lash lift treatment.

LVL stands for lift, volume and length.
It’s a natural way to add length and volume to your lashes without extensions and over processing with perming. So, instead of curling the lashes, the root area straightened in an upward manner which makes for a more dramatic “lifted” result. The treatment promises to give the appearance of lengthened lashes due to the uplifting nature but again, don’t expect a miracle. If you only have short/medium lashes, to begin with, you’re not going to be batting people over with them on your way home.

So when I heard that there are fantastic lash specialists in the Isle of Man for LVL lashes treatment I couldn’t wait to have it done.


Click the image to view the Vanity House website


My friend and I booked at The Vanity house in Isle of man, and now I want to share with you our experience.
Our technician Latasha was so lovely, chatty and made us feel welcomed and comfortable throughout the whole treatment. Their little beauty salon looks very clean and cosy which adds to the overall positive experience.

So how does LVL work?

To start, 48 hours before the treatment we had to do an at-home patch test to make sure we wouldn’t react to any of the perming lotions, serums or tints.

This test involved rubbing a bit of each of the four solutions onto the top of our shoulder with a cotton bud and covering them with plaster for two days to make sure we didn’t have any reaction. To patch test the tint, they gave me what looked like a temporary tattoo, and we pressed that into the inside of our arm and left for a couple of days.





The treatment itself began with the therapist cleaning our lashes, then putting a shield over our lower lashes to make sure it protected from the perming solution. If you’ve had lash extensions, you’ll be familiar with these. Then you close your eyes over the shield, which feels slightly weird but not at all painful, and you keep your eyes shut for the rest of the 45-minute treatment.

Then she combed out our lashes and put silicone shields on our upper lids.
She gently pulled our lashes up onto the shield and applied a perming lotion to the roots.
After leaving it on to set for around 10 minutes, she used a neutraliser to the roots for five minutes, then applied the tint to darken our lashes.

The last step was a moisturising serum, which helps the lashes come off the shield. Then we could open our eyes and look at the result.


Voila! We are astounded with the results. We’ve never seen our lashes so curled, and We’ve had daily compliments on how beautiful they look.


The effects last between 6-8 weeks depending on your lash type and three weeks later mine are still nicely curled. I’ve thrown out my curlers and only need a few coats of lashes to look done, but they look great without any eye makeup as well. The LVL is my new must-do pre-holiday treatment.


Great for those of you who don’t wear makeup every day, busy mums or new mums who have barely any time in the morning to even think about applying mascara. Fantastic for holidays when most of the time you spend on the beach/in the pool and don’t want to bother with any makeup but still want your eyes to look more awake and just more beautiful.

Aftercare – The first 48 hours after you had your treatment are essential; it’s necessary that you take extra care as your lashes are still getting used to their new shape. It’s also vital to follow aftercare advice as failure to do so could lead to an adverse reaction. For the first 24 hours after your LVL treatment, you must not get the lashes wet. Then, over the next 48 hours is highly recommended to avoid visiting a steam room, sauna or swimming, as this could manipulate your lashes into different positions or affect the lift.
After 48 hours you can wet your lashes and wear mascara if you wish to but still need to try to avoid touching or rubbing your lashes and you must not perm your lashes or use lash curlers.
It’s also advisable to use gentle cleansing products on the eyes to ensure the lashes stay healthy and grow stronger.

The price of the treatment is around £45 and available from certified technicians all around the UK.

If you’re looking for a dramatic effect, then the LVL lash treatment won’t be for you, but if you want natural definition, then it’s definitely worth giving it a go.
As I said, the effect will depend on your own lashes, but I think anyone will benefit from the treatment. As you can see my natural lashes are very pathetic, but they still look much more beautiful after the LVL. I feel now confident enough not to wear mascara for running some errands, and anytime I want to be makeup free.

Have you had LVL lash lift treatment or lash perm? I’d love to know about your experience!


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