11 Tips On How To Photograph A 1-Year-Old

The perky cake smash photo and darling picture with a large number 1st birthday photo is famous right now. It is excellent for your little one to have their first birthday and to celebrate it with a cake smash. Of course, the photo shoot is the perfect idea to remember it.


We know that the photo session can be kind of pricey. Don’t let that stop you from getting the photos you want.
If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for the photo shoot session and you don’t want to hire a professional photographer then take them yourself!

DIY is an easy way with these, and also it will be much easier if you have friends willing to help you to organise this type of event.
So, your baby’s first birthday photo shoot doesn’t have to break your money because you can capture your little one’s photo beautifully with your camera with these tips.

Here we go..

  • Plan Ahead
    Make sure your gadgets are ready, lightning and backdrop are all set, and props for a toddler to do something cute and for you to press the shutter button.
  • Double check the Backdrop
    Did I mention to double check your backdrop?
    Oh yes, this is essential.
    Lines, shadow and crumpled clothes are the issues in the backdrop you can have while doing the photoshoot. The only solution you can do is to spend a lot of times in editing or Photoshop. So, if you don’t want to spend a lot of your times in editing then make sure that your backdrop is looking perfect and not crumpled.
    You can do your photoshoot in other location such as old building, pallet wood, grassy field or beach.


  • Lightning is essential.
    Don’t just focus by the cute baby in front of you! Take a second to recheck your lightning.
    It’s better to make it right from the beginning, and it makes your editing uncomplicated.
    Also, try to avoid flash from your camera if possible.
    If you are planning to have an indoor photo shoot, then take a day to notice which windows in your choices site get the best light. You want light streaming in through a window that doesn’t look rough and that gives you enough light to shoot inside without the flash.
    Or, you can use softbox as your extra light if you have one.
  • For outside photoshoot: pick the right conditions like sunrise or sunset “Golden Hour”. Try full shade or under a porch.


  • Sometimes you will be up close to the model so make sure you have a five by 5-foot space of wall behind them and floor for later to stand on.


  • A toddler has a short attention span so be ready to shoot right away. Be prepared with props, outfits and whatever else you want to do.


  • Check out your child’ mood! Photograph the baby when they are the happiest or after they take a nap.


  • Prepare your props
    You can have a large number 1, ideal blankets, balloons, a cake for cake smash and so on. There are many cute prop ideas out there for the baby photo shoot. So, try to pick some accessories that show who your child is at this age.


  • Master how to make weird and funny noises. This noise does work for babies to draw attention.


  • The more people you get that are telling a child what to do, the more confused they get. Keep it smooth. Only one or two people are ok to help with smiles.


  • Allow the kid to play in their natural environment. Let them wander and explore. Just be ready to shoot whatever expression they are going to give you right away.


  • It’s much better to go to their level or even lower. Being at child height allows you to communicate with them better and it lets you see the world the way they do instead of shooting them either squatting or on your knees.


One more, I want to share with you our Behind the Scenes video of Mia Rose 1st Birthday photoshoot.

If you have spare time, watch the video below. 😀



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    1. Elora The Explorer says:

      Thank you. I love taking photos of baby and toddler. They are adorable ❤️


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