Fascinating Villa d’ Estate in Tivoli, Italy

The Villa d’Estate is located in Tivoli, Italy and famous for its terraced hillside Italian Renaissance garden. Also, this villa hosts a bewildering five hundred fountains ranging from Fountain of dragons, Neptune, eagles, Organ, Pegasus, and so on. This villa is now an Italian state museum and listed as a UNESCO world heritage site.


By chance, after being in the city for five days, I was so happy that my family and I had the opportunity to visit this beautiful Villa d’Este.
(Thanks to my uncle Efren and auntie Betty for touring us.)
We indeed ended up spending three in half hours wandering the gardens, just taking it all in. But I guess it’s all worth it.



The villa is lovely to walk, but the real reason for visiting is, of course, the beautiful architecture of the landscape, beautiful building and beautiful fountains which offers visitors an enjoyable experience. Also, the garden was so elaborate and beautiful. It was serene. I can say that this place is another hidden gem in Italy. So, if you ever visit Rome, you have to visit Tivoli.

These are some of my favourite photos from Villa d’Este:

I didn’t get good pictures of the inside, so all my attached pictures in this article are all the outside.















Do you want to know how to get from Rome to Tivoli?

If you do, then here is the instruction how you get there. 🙂


You can find the train map easily on most locations showing you the railway routes. All you need is to get to the central station, Termini and from there you have to catch a standard metro to Tiburtina (on the blue line).
I think the cost of your ticket from Termini to Tiburtina is 1.50 EURO and it will be valid for 100 minutes.
Then, at Tiburtina, you need to repurchase a ticket for a Trenitalia train. It will cost you 7.20 EURO return per person with trains leaving reasonably regularly. Coming back you can book a train directly to Termini, but these are slightly more scarce.
The train station is just on the outskirts of the town but still close enough to walk, and the walk seemed very safe with lots of people around.
The best way to get around when actually in Tivoli is to walk. It is a relatively small town with most of the Villas and the oldest part of the city all in one area,

so get lost in the side streets and enjoy! 😀


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  1. Wish I can see some outskirt places in Italy. How I love Europe, especially Italia!


    1. Elora The Explorer says:

      Agree, there are too many hidden gems in Italia, so you probably amaze when you found some. 😉


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