I Met My Special Friend On Social Media

I used to ignore the relationship that comes from social media such as Friendster, MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.
I’m not going to deny it, I still believe that these real connections are pretty rare, be it just a friend or in a proper relationship.
There is certainly something special about a relationship where you can have a communication face to face. There really isn’t anything that can replace this type of connection.
But despite that, I now believe there can be a special bond that does not need physical closeness. It only requires a few things such as
Timing and Availability
Like Minded Personalities


I met Junice on social media called “Plurk”.
Does the name sound strange?
I know…
Plurk is a free social networking and micro-blogging service that the users are able to send updates through short messages or links.

Junice and I been friends since 2009, and at first, she didn’t notice that I am Filipino, so she keeps talking to me in English instead of Filipino language.
At first, we started our conversation like
How are you?
Where do you live?
How old are you?
Where are you originally came from?
I told her that I originally came from Angono Rizal, Philippines
and I didn’t expect that she live in Morong Rizal, Philippines.
Oh yes! We both live in Rizal.

Then boom…

That’s the time we started chatting and having a real conversation. The significance of our friendship really grew. I honestly don’t remember what caused us to open up to one another, but it was not long before we went to each other for advice from time to time.


As I said, it is going to be hard to have a friendship with someone without physically seeing them. But, thank you to Facetime or Skype because we are able to communicate “in person” on camera for free.

Whenever we Facetime, it’s like I’m joking with any of my friends I have actually met. We can be super weird and make one another laugh or talk about real emotions. I know we don’t have regular hangouts like crashing into one another’s house watching movies or listening music, but we have tried to listen to music together at the same time, which I really think is the best thing we can do.


May 2018, we have met for the first time in London, and I would like to thank her boyfriend “Joe” for treating her a Eurotrip travel. At least, it was giving us a chance to meet in person and not making our friendship pointless. 😀




Our bond was still the same when we met. Nothing change.
We can be still super weird, and we always make one another laugh or talk about everything. It gives me a chance to meet her friends too.


I tried to come with them for 3 days to explore the attractions of London and go to the club for a drink.
All I can say was, we had a good time.

I know three days are not enough, but I am still glad that I met her in person and I wish this is not our first and last meet.


Until then, we will do our best to be just like any other friends these days.



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