The Awesomeness of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is the Netherland Capital known for their artistic heritage, beautiful canal, cute bridges, narrow houses, flowers or their extremely authentic culture. This place is undoubtedly an ideal destination for couples getaways, holiday with family and friends or travelling alone.


How can anyone not like this Amsterdam?👍

I know Yay! 😁
Amsterdam is gorgeous, and I can’t stop myself from clicking thousands of photos while I am there. Also, it’s not only the Amsterdam’s beauty that amazed me, and it is the fact that literally, every kind of traveller will find something fun to do here. Even though you travel alone or with your family, you will enjoy your time here.
So, if you’re visiting Europe anytime soon, please include Amsterdam in your itinerary.

Nevertheless, if you’re travelling to Amsterdam find out as much as you can about the city before you go to avoid ending up a super expensive purchase if you don’t research enough.


I visited Amsterdam for the first time back in 2016, but one visit was not enough. I can’t stop thinking about it. I would love to revisit this place in autumn or winter months.

My boyfriend and I stayed in Amsterdam for four days and here’s a list of places that we visit:

The Rijksmuseum


This museum is a must-see in Amsterdam. You can see a large collection of almost every art you can think of. We didn’t go in; we only walked through on the way to the big chess board, but I can tell that this museum is a beautiful area and I wish we had time to visit.


The Bulldog Coffeeshop

This area precisely what would expect and I think I must remind you so that you don’t get shocked when you visit a coffee shop in Amsterdam to drink coffee. The coffee shop in Amsterdam is not your typical cafe but means something else entirely.
I’m sure you know that Amsterdam is one of the place in the whole world where you can legally buy and consume marijuana for personal use. This stuff is happening not on the streets but in coffee shops where you can see several kinds of weed or hash.

If you want to try it, then try to visit the Bulldog Coffeeshop.
This cafe is decidedly a great place to visit to mingle or get high.


My boyfriend and I visited this cafe where they sell cakes, or you can buy the weed direct from the till. We decided that as we don’t smoke we would purchase a baked cake. We didn’t notice the effect when we eat one cake, so we decided to buy another one, and the result was we were laughing our heads off by the end of the evening. 😀

Heineken Experience

It’s a great place to visit, and it is worth the time and money. The staff are informative and friendly. We learnt a lot about the history of beer, how they made and of course, you get in a relaxed ‘dingy’ bar at the end of the tour is a sweet treat too!
And you can take a canal cruise after the Heineken experience.
Overall a fantastic experience and would recommend to anyone!


This market is the ideal place to and people-watch!
Bloemenmarks located on the Singel Canal, and an excellent place to shop for souvenirs at much better prices than in Dam Square. The best thing about this market for tourist is the range of Dutch flowers, namely Tulips which are for sale here. People were enjoying themselves and take their tulip buying seriously.


Red Light District

Oh Yes, prostitution is legal in Amsterdam, and the red light district comes alive as soon as the evening sets. If you walk around the red light district at night, you will see prostitutes through the glass window in this area.


If you’re visiting Amsterdam’s Red Light District to look around, be aware that no photography in this area. Just because they’re sex workers, doesn’t mean you can disrespect them. Not only clicking these photographs is rude, but you can get your camera snatched by the cops or pay a hefty fine.

Dam Square

Dam Square is very central, close to many other key places of interest and you can sit back in this area and have a nice cup of coffee and eat food while enjoying the views. It’s vibrant and full of life. There’s a lot of places to eat and shop around here although some of the places to eat are more expensive than those off the main streets.
Is it stunning? No. But this is a place we have to visit anyway. 😀

Albert Cuypmarkt

Albert Cuyp Market is a large market in the city centre of Amsterdam and foodie paradise. Whatever you want, whatever you need and whatever you eat are in this market. We enjoyed walking through this market, and I was surprised that it was full and busy as it was. All of the vendors we interacted with were super friendly. We strolled and stopped for stroopwafels made fresh and picked up some ready to eat figs.

If you are willing to taste and experience all of Amsterdam in one location so then you must visit this place. You can see what you are looking for because there are lots of stalls in this market offering food, clothes, fish, flowers or fresh fruit. The bargains are significant too.

Bicycle Everywhere

PS: Don’t Get in the way of cyclists
One of the first things that you will notice about Amsterdam is its bike dominated roads. The city is full of them, and the locals love travelling on them. After all, Amsterdam is the most bicycle-friendly city in the world.
But, please be mindful of bike lanes and stay off them to avoid getting injured.
If you love cycling, then I highly recommend you to explore Amsterdam on a bicycle. You can rent your bike and cycle around at your own pace.


Here’s something that will make you laugh: many think Dutch bicycles don’t have breaks. It is because when you look at them, you won’t see the hand breaks. In reality, they don’t have traditional hand breaks that are on handles but have pedal breaks.
So be careful and have fun 🙂

Hard Rock Cafe

It’s casual dining, and you can see this cafe everywhere in Amsterdam. I had one of the best burgers of my life. The burger was excellent and the ambience rocks.

Overall we had such a fantastic holiday. The city is best seen on foot or from the seat of the bicycle. Dutch food was fabulous too.
I would definitely revisit this place again and again.

By the way, here’s our short video. Have fun watching 🙂


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