Strawberry Picking Experience in Isle of Man

Company name: Manx Strawberry Watch


Strawberry picking experience is a must do in the Isle of Man. They are open every summertime in June until August. This experience is trendy on the island as visitors not only enjoy picking strawberries you can also take them home or even eating them on the spot. This farm is a right place for families especially with young children as they can have the first-hand experience to see how strawberries developed. Sometimes you can see a lot of people visiting this place on weekends, but the farm is quite big so you cannot feel you are getting in people’s way. 🙂


Take note; it’s not only strawberries you can pick. You can select a different type of fruit and vegetables on the farm such as Raspberries, Black or Red Currants, Rhubarb or Manx Tomatoes. So you probably will enjoy the visit.

Also, you don’t need to worry about the basket for your fruits because they have at their shop. They have different sizes of the bucket, and the price is not pricey though. After you pick some fruits, they will weigh it for you, so it means the price is base of the weight.


There is also some preserves and jams at their shop so better check it out.
When I went there, I only spent £8 on the bucket of strawberries. So for me, it wasn’t too bad, and I can tell that I had fun.  😀


So, guys, I want you to experience it as well so come and visit their farm.
Please follow their facebook page for the update. Each week they will update with new photos and let you know how the crop is growing from early spring, flowering and ripening and picking early June.

Click the link below for their facebook page

or call them at +447624495674


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