My Good and Lousy Times in Santorini


My friend and I visited Santorini for the first time. We went there in the middle of July because that is the month for the warm weather and fantastic sunset in Santorini. We stayed there for almost four days, and this is what happened?
Our visit was not easy for us. We arrived in the morning at the airport, and unluckily, our luggage is missing. We were waiting at the baggage carousel for 30 minutes, and our luggage didn’t show up.

Great start of our vacation, isn’t it? 😀

We already panic, and we felt the disappointment because all of our essential stuff and clothes are all there.
Also, we had an airport shuttle which is waiting for us outside the airport. So we are worried that the driver is going to leave us. We rushed going to the van, and we were looking for our driver so that we can inform him what is happening.
But then, he is willing to wait until we sort out our issue.

Thenceforth, we headed straight to the baggage reception and reported our luggage. The staff said that this incident is usual to happen at Santorini airport. Most of the luggage either missing or misplace and send it to a different airport.
Also, the lady asked our flight number and the description of our bag so that they can track it. Unfortunately, the lady tried her best to follow up on our missing luggage, but they entirely can’t find it. We were waiting at the airport for almost one in half an hour, but we didn’t receive any good news from them, and they recommend to come back the next day for an update.

There’s nothing we can do so we headed to our hotel.
We stayed in Azzuro Suite located in Fira. This hotel has two outdoor pools, and they are near to town. So instead of worrying about our missing luggage, we enjoyed the pool and the breathtaking views from our hotel. Also, we went to Thira to explore their town and to buy extra clothes and other essential stuff.



Story Short, Short: we already received our luggage on our last day of the holiday. How good was that 😀
but, we’re so glad that we had travel insurance.

For four days staying in Santorini even though our luggage was missing.
We still had the opportunity to do what we want to do in Santorini such as:

Riding at the Cable Car in Thira

This type of transportation will save you from the steps which occupied by donkeys. The views on the way down and up are spectacular, and the port itself is well worth a visit with some lovely shops and a restaurant.

Visit Kamari Beach

Kamari was so relaxing and enjoyable. Also, It’s not a crowded place. My friend and I found some beach chairs and umbrellas and relaxed all day. The signs say if you eat at the restaurants you receive free beach chairs.


Taste their Healthy Greek Frozen Yogurt

The greek ice cream has a beautifully creamy mouthfeel and summer fresh tart taste.

This fabulous, creamy ice cream calls for gum mastic, which gives it an almost chewy texture, and salep, used as a thickening agent.

One glance to Red Beach

The red cliffs are so beautiful, and the water is deep blue which makes for fantastic photos. The walk to get to the beach is quite a climb, and this is easier if you wear comfortable shoes because it is very rocky. But this is definitely worth the experience!



And, Explore Oia

Blue domes are beautiful here. It’s perfect for taking photos.



Also, Oia has a small port, Ammoudi, which can be reached by a set of 300 steps leading down. Taverns in Oia offer visitors tasty meals of fresh fish.


All I can say is, staying for four days in Santorini are not enough. I’ll probably go back here next time, and I hope there’s no missing luggage again when I revisit this place.


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  1. soon . . . but i don’t know when is that “soon” hahaha


    1. Elora The Explorer says:

      Do it sooner 😀 I think you will like this place.


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