Itinerary Ideas for 5 Nights Winter Trip to Iceland



Iceland has become a trendy destination over the last few years, and this place is becoming one of my favourite countries in the world after my first visit. It’s such an alluring country filled with warm and welcoming people.
They can speak fluent English, so they are not difficult to understand. Icelandic Lamb and Icelandic Hotdog are my favourite food when I visit their place.
If you head down to their main ring road, you would definitely like their mind-boggling landscapes view.

Now, I want to post this topic because most of my friends asking me about this all the time.
So here we go, I am willing to share with you some advise as well as our five nights itinerary idea.

So let’s start, shall we? 😀

Day 1


I want to be honest with you guys. My boyfriend and I didn’t do much on our first day because we arrived at 6:10 in the evening and we were so exhausted that night.
Remember this; SLEEP is the best medicine. 😉
So we preferred to stay at our hotel and get more sleep to get more energy for our next day expedition.

Yes! We arrived at 6:10 in the evening and we took a bus from Keflavik Airport to our hotel “Icelandair Hotel Reykjavik Natura” for only 46 EUR for two people. Duration of our journey would be 40-45 minutes from the airport to our hotel.
We booked our bus shuttle from Gray Line Iceland company.
The link is below

This company had outstanding customer service and a friendly driver. Everything on time and excellent driving. So, no doubt to recommend this company to everyone.

About our hotel, I booked it on the website, and we paid £566.65 for five nights.
The link is below

Day 2: Golden Circle and Snorkelling in Silfra

This tour is an incredible experience you don’t like to miss out.
We paid £178.50 per person on this tour.
If you need more information about this, click the link below

The duration of this tour was 9 hours.
We were picked up by the guy from our hotel at 9 am and met another driver at the park who was both informative and friendly.


First, we headed to Geysir geothermal to see the most active hot spring. You will be able to see Strokkur which erupts 30 meters high into the air every five to ten minutes.

Then, we continue our tour to Gullfoss means Golden Falls that send up fantastic mist, and our tour guide gives us enough time to enjoy this place.


Our last destination was Silfra which is the most famous dive and snorkel site in Iceland.
We headed to the park and our guides discussed if how to properly swim using our snorkelling gear and they explained the route we were about to take through the water. The colours under the water are beautiful, and also you can see the two continental plates. It’s good to experience this once in a lifetime. The silfra water was crystal clear, unambiguous and you can drink the water while you swim.
Based on my experience, getting a dress with drysuit was not easy especially if it’s wet and you want to take it off. But don’t worry, someone will help you with that. Your guides will never leave you to feel uncomfortable. Also, they will offer you some hot chocolate to warm you up and biscuit for your snack after snorkelling.



  • You only need two thin layers of warm clothes underneath and socks to take the chill off so best not to wear jeans or hoodies.
  • Be sure to bring extra clothes because there’s a possibility that your clothes underneath will be wet.
  • Make sure you bring your neck strap/hand strap for your GoPro.

Day 3: South Iceland, Waterfalls and Black Sand Beach

The south coast is the most visited region because this holds some of the most beautiful natural attractions in Iceland, e.g. Skógafoss Waterfall, Reynisfjara volcanic pebble beach and Reynisdrangar.
We paid £75.57 per person (170 EUR for two people) on this tour.
The duration of this trip was 7-8 hours.
Again, If you need more information about this, click the link below


First, we headed to Skógafoss Waterfall. I can say that one of the must place to visit in Iceland. You can challenge yourself to walk up the stairs to get close to the top of the waterfalls, and you can see a fantastic view.
We haven’t tried it, so I’ll let you try it.
But for us, we think it’s much more powerful and scenic if you check the waterfall from the bottom.
Also, there is a shop near the base of the falls where you can find an Icelandic handmade jacket, scarves, blanket and gloves. And, a small cafe where you can buy hot drinks, foods, e.g. Icelandic hotdog and crisps.
I love to sit to their bench because on that spot I still able to see the beautiful waterfalls while eating my favourite food “Icelandic Hotdog“.  😀

Then, we continue our tour to Reynisfjara volcanic pebble beach.
The beach is not the main attraction there but the rock formations on the cliff, the black pebble stone and the rock formation of Reynisdrangar in the water. There’s not too much to do there other than enjoying the views.
The weather was terrible when we visit that place. I know that the basalt rock formation was astounding, but I couldn’t even climb to the rock because of powerful gusts.
Always remember: Attention is still needed, especially when the tide is high and the winds are strong.


Day 4: Sólheimasandur plane wreck and Northern Light


We are so thankful that we rent a 4×4 car to see the Crashed DC 3 Plane.
Finding this attraction was a little bit creepy but mostly just an exciting scene to enjoy and take a few pictures.
It was a little bit difficult to find this place, and there are no signs whatsoever. But thanks to google map for helping us. This plane wreck is definitely worth the trip if you can see it and If you need adventure, this is the place for you.

Take note, if anyone plans to go there make sure that you have your map, water, keep track of which direction you’re going and keep going on till you find this place.
For car rental, we paid 392 EUR for our Jeep Wrangler 4×4 from Geysir company, and we rent it for just one night. Also, portable wifi and GPS included on that car.
Click the link below for more selection of their vehicles

After a plane wreck adventure, we head back to Reykjavik because of the heavy snow.


And guess what, we saw Icelandic Horses while we were driving at ring road. To be honest, they are small like pony sized, but for them, they refer to call them as a horse.
Seeing this horses is a bucket list experience when visiting Iceland. They love being around with people and because of their love for people they excel as therapy horses. Well, who wouldn’t want to cuddle with this adorable animal?


Then, at 7:30 in the evening, the Geysir bus picked us up from our hotel.
We headed to South for our Northern Light Mystery Tour. This tour supposed to be on our Day 3 but we all know that northern lights chase is a bit gamble in Iceland because of the unpredictable weather, but we keep re-booking the tour so that we still had a chance to experience it. That night, our guide was driving from one location to another, and they did their very best to find clear skies. Luckily, we saw the lights.
Well, we haven’t seen a very significant one, but it was a great experience though.

The cost of our Northern Light Mystery was 41 EUR per person, and we booked it for Grayline. If you need information, click the link below

Northern Light

Last Day: Reykjavik and Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Before we go to our Blue Lagoon Experience, we headed first to Reykjavik City Centre to explore the place.


We found the Hallgrímskirkja Church at central centre, and this church is one of the attractions in Reykjavik. You can go up in the tower to look out over the city of Reykjavik.

Then, after exploring the city, we headed to the Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa.
We paid ISK 24200 for two people, and you can stay there whenever you want.


The lagoon is one of the best places I have ever been to and one thing that I want to do again. The colour of the water exactly like you have seen on Instagram. It’s quite crowded when we visit it, but the lines well organised.


We had the Experience Premium Ticket, and we got everything that we needed. We had free drinks, and you can go to a waterfall or sit in a hot steam room. The place was tranquil and very comfortable. Also, you can get a free silica mud mask to wear, and you can pay more for different versions, but we were delighted with what we provided.

Make reservations well in advance.

Please click the link below for their website

One more thing, I want to share with you our travel video when we visited Iceland. Have fun watching 🙂


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